Citrus galore!

Yesterday I made two different citrus batches: the first one is all organic, with real zest of lime, lemon and grapefruit and lemon and petitgrain essential oils; the second one is scented with some sensory perfection’s lemon&verbena and lime, decorated with poppyseeds.

Cutting the first bar!

I *love* this colour & texture!

For the second batch I used the exact same mix of oils (minus the essential oils), but the color tourned out quite different!

As usual

Oatmeal soap

Another experiment: oatmeal soap, with freshly ground oatmeal. I’m quite pleased with it :)

Vanilla Soap

I made this soap few weeks ago. It’s a plain cold process soap (olive oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter) but at trace I added loads of vanilla seeds, freshly extracted from some fresh vanilla beans I bought on Ebay from a female cooperative in Madagascar. I can’t wait  to try it! I hope the delicious scent of vanilla will still be there after curing.

Ho fatto questo sapone alcune settimane fa. Si tratta di un semplice sapone a freddo (con olio d’oliva, olio di cocco e burro di cacao) ma al nastro ho aggiunto tantissimi semi di vaniglia, che ho estratto dai baccelli freschi che ho acquistato su Ebay direttamente dal Madagascar. Non vedo l’ora di provarlo! Spero che il meraviglioso profumo di vaniglia resista anche dopo le settimane di maturazione.